Creative options: how to control VIZIO TV without remote

It may be an unpleasant occurrence to lose or damage a Vizio TV remote.

Thankfully, you’ve got different control techniques available for helping you to watch TV without a remote.

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In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to control Vizio TV without remote.

Method 1: Vizio SmartCast remote app

The Vizio mobile app is a freeware Vizio SmartCast app which lets you operate your Vizio TV without remote via your mobile device.

You may use the Vizio mobile app to turn off and on your smart TVs, control the sound level, and switch channels on the Vizio TV without remote.
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Via the Vizio SmartCast app, users can explore content, browse for movies and TV shows, as well as cast them to their smart TVs.

Step-by-step instructions

To control Vizio TV, follow these directions:

  1. Install the SmartCast app through the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store for Android phones.
  2. For setting up a profile and link to your Vizio smart TVs, launch the SmartCast app and adhere to the on-screen steps.
  3. When linked, you’ll be able to control your Vizio TV settings via the SmartCast app.

Just click the power button on the app’s main page for turning your Vizio TVs on or off.

Employ the sound slider or buttons on your TV model to change the volume.

To switch channels, use the channel guide to find the station you prefer.

Tips for optimizing the app’s performance

Explore these suggestions to improve the efficiency of the Vizio SmartCast mobile app:

  1. Check that the device you’re using is on the same Wi-Fi connection as your Vizio TV.
  2. Install the most recent version of the app on the App Store or Google Play Store to keep it up to date.
  3. Try rebooting the device you’re using and/or restarting your Vizio TV if the application is slow or inaccessible.

Method 2: HDMI-CEC remote control

HDMI-CEC is a system that lets HDMI cable-connected gadgets interact with one another.

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Therefore, you may operate many gadgets, which includes your Vizio TV, using just one remote.

How to activate HDMI-CEC

Follow these directions:

  1. Switch on the Match TV power state by pressing the Menu button.
  2. Choose System, then proceed to CEC.
  3. Check that CEC has been switched on.
  4. Select the gadget type for the device that is linked (for example, a cable box).
  5. Steps 4-5 must be repeated for every connected gadget.

Control your TV with another remote control

Take the below steps for using HDMI-CEC to manage your Vizio TV via a different remote or device:

  1. Switch on the gadget that you’d like to employ to control the TV (for example, an IR blaster or a Nintendo Switch).
  2. To manage your TV, utilize the device’s remote.
  3. To switch on or off the TV, use the power button on the device’s remote.
  4. Press the sound buttons located on the device’s remote to control the sound level.
  5. Press the channel buttons on the device’s remote to switch channels.

Method 3: Voice control

Voice commands are a growing trend to manage gadgets, which includes your Vizio TV, without remote.

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Step-by-step directions

Take the steps below to enable voice commands on your Vizio TV without remote:

  1. Ascertain that the TV and any appropriate voice-controlled gadget are both linked to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Go to the settings menu on the voice control device’s app.
  3. Link your Vizio TV to the application by following the instructions displayed on the screen.
  4. When linked, you will be ready to manage your TV with your voice.

To switch on or off your TV, ask “Alexa, switch on the TV” or “Hey Google, switch off the TV.”

To change the sound level, ask “Alexa, bring up the volume” or “Hey Google, turn down the volume.”

For changing the channel, ask “Alexa, switch to NBC” or “Hey Google, go to channel 12.”

Method 4: Button controls on the TV

If you’ve misplaced or broken your Vizio TV remote, you can operate your Vizio TV without it, just with the control buttons on the TV itself.

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These buttons, which are usually found on the reverse side or bottom of the TV, enable you to go through menus, switch channels, control the sound level, and do other things.

Buttons’ functions

The particular control button of your Vizio TV could differ based on the Vizio TV model; however, they usually consist of the:

  • The power button for switching on and off the TV
  • Input: Switches between different TV inputs (e.g., IR blaster, Nintendo Switch).
  • Channel up/down: Switches the channel.
  • Sound up/down: Modifies the loudness of the TV.
  • Menu: Displays the Vizio TV settings menu, from which you can manage system settings and functions.

Method 5: Universal remote

Universal remotes are meant to function with a variety of gadgets, including Vizio TVs.

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It is typically an easy task to program your universal TV remote for managing your Vizio TV.

Take these actions:

  1. Switch on your Vizio TV with the universal TV remote.
  2. Hold down the “Setup” key of the remote until the status light glows.
  3. Enter your Vizio TV password.

These codes can be found in the remote’s instruction booklet or via the company’s website.


Missing or damaging the remote may be a stressful situation, but there are various ways to find out how to control Vizio TV without remote.

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Where are the buttons on my VIZIO TV?

The precise spot of the controls on the Vizio TV can vary depending on the model.
The majority of Vizio TVs feature several actual buttons on the side or back of the TV which may be used to switch the Vizio TV on or off, control the sound, and switch channels.

How can I connect my TV to Wi-Fi without remote?

If you’ve misplaced or damaged the Vizio TV remote and want to link your TV to Wi-Fi, you can utilize the Vizio SmartCast mobile app.
You could also link your TV to wireless networking with a universal remote or HDMI-CEC control.

How do I connect my VIZIO Smart TV to Wi-Fi without remote?

You may employ the Vizio SmartCast mobile app to link your Vizio Smart TV to the wireless Internet.
For linking your TV to Wi-Fi, install the app on your device of choice, then adhere to the directions displayed.
If you can’t utilize the SmartCast mobile app, you could link your TV to Wi-Fi with a universal remote or use HDMI-CEC control via a Nintendo Switch console.

Can you set up a VIZIO Smart TV without a remote?

It may be challenging to set up a Vizio Smart TV without a remote.
You can use the Vizio SmartCast mobile app or the Nintendo Switch to manage your TV throughout setup.

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