How to adjust volume on Vizio TV without remote: a handy guide

How to adjust volume on vizio tv without remote? In this guide, we will explore various methods to help you adjust the volume on your Vizio TV without remote.

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Using the real buttons on the TV

The following approach allows you to simply regulate the loudness on the TV without remote, ensuring you can continue enjoying your content without interruption.

Locating the volume buttons on the TV

Whenever the Vizio TV remote is unavailable, you can resort to employing the volume buttons on the TV itself.

Begin by locating the switchboard with a menu button/power button, which is typically located on the side or bottom of the television. The exact placement can differ based on the version of your TV.

To change the volume, just press the volume buttons: the volume button “up” (+) to amplify the sound or the Vizio TV volume button “down” (-) to make it lower.

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Each press of the volume buttons typically results in a small increment or decrement in volume. Hold down the button for a continuous increase or decrease.

Potential limitations or issues to consider

While adjusting the sound by employing the TV’s real buttons is a straightforward method, there are a few limitations and issues to be aware of.

Firstly, the control panel may not be easily accessible depending on the TV’s placement or if it’s wall-mounted.

Additionally, the buttons may not provide the same level of convenience as a remote control, as you have to physically reach the TV each time you want to adjust the volume.

Additionally, certain Vizio TV models may have only one button: power button + input button.

In such cases, be sure to check The TV’s instruction book or consult Vizio’s support resources for specific instructions on using the touch keys.

Using a tablet or mobile phone as a form of remote control

To employ the mobile phone, or maybe a tablet, to regulate volume on Vizio TV model without Vizio TV remote, you are going to require to download and install the Vizio Mobile App.

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The Vizio Mobile App is available for a variety of devices and can be found in their app stores. Search for “Vizio Mobile App” and adhere to the prompts to download and install the application on your device.

Connecting the mobile device to the TV

Once you’ve got the Vizio Mobile App (Vizio SmartCast app) installed, ensure that your gadget is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your television.

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This phase is crucial for establishing a connection between the application and TV. Open the Vizio Mobile App (SmartCast app) on your gadget.

Accessing the sound regulation function

After launching the SmartCast app, you should see a set of available Vizio devices. Choose the name of the TV required.

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The application then establishes a connection, and you will gain control over various functions, including sound regulation.

Within the SmartCast app, locate this function, usually represented by a speaker icon or labeled with “+” and “-” symbols.

Tap on the sound up (+) button to increase the volume, or the sound down (-) button to decrease it.

The virtual controls within the SmartCast app mimic the functionality of a physical remote, providing you with convenient volume adjustment capabilities.

This method offers the advantage of controlling the TV from the comfort of your gadget, eliminating the need to locate Vizio TV remote or reach for the TV’s switchboard.

Using HDMI-CEC functionality

HDMI-CEC allows devices connected via HDMI to communicate and regulate each other’s functionality. By using this approach, you could regulate the volume on Vizio TV without a remote.

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Visit the TV’s settings and search for an option related to HDMI-CEC or HDMI Control. Enable this feature to activate the HDMI-CEC functionality.

Connecting an HDMI-CEC-compatible device

Connect an HDMI-CEC-compatible gadget to one of the HDMI ports on your TV.

You may employ a set-top box, gaming console, Blu-ray player, or any other device that supports HDMI-CEC. Ensure that the HDMI-CEC feature is enabled on the connected gadget as well.

Controlling the TV volume through the connected device

Once the HDMI-CEC compatible device is connected and both the TV and gadget have HDMI-CEC enabled, the two devices establish a communication link. This allows the connected gadget to regulate various functions on the TV, including sound level.

With HDMI-CEC, you can now regulate the sound by employing the remote control or controls of the connected gadget.

Press the sound up or down buttons on this gadget’s controls to raise or lower the sound on your Vizio TV without remote. The connected gadget will send the corresponding commands to the TV, regulating the volume on Vizio TV accordingly, appearing on the TV screen.

Employing a universal remote

Universal remotes are designed to function with multiple devices, including Vizio TVs. There are various options and models available in the market, ranging from simple options to more advanced ones with programmable features.

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Research and purchase a universal remote that is suitable for a Vizio TV and suits your needs and budget to regulate the volume on Vizio TV.

Setting up the universal remote for Vizio TV

When you have acquired a suitable universal remote, you’ll need to set it up to function with your television.

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Every option has its own programming process, so refer to the instructions provided with your remote.

Generally, you’ll need to give a specific key for a Vizio TV. It can be found in the user’s handbook manual or on the company’s website.

Once the remote is programmed successfully, you can use its volume button which may be near the power button.

Locate the particular volume control buttons on the universal remote, usually the “+” volume button and “-” volume button, or with specific volume up/down buttons.

Press the volume up button (+) to increase the volume or the volume down button (-) to decrease it.

The remote then sends the corresponding signals to your television, regulating the volume on Vizio TV accordingly.

Troubleshooting common issues

Universal remotes may encounter certain issues during setup or operation. If you face any difficulties, here are some troubleshooting steps to consider:

  • Ensure the remote has fresh batteries and is powered on.
  • Double-check that you have entered the correct programming code for these TVs.
  • Make certain the remote is within range of the TV and has a clear line of sight.
  • If the universal remote includes the programming functionality, you may reprogram it following the instructions carefully.
  • Consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer support for further assistance.


Regulating the volume on Vizio TV model without a Vizio remote may initially seem challenging, but with the right methods, you can easily overcome this hurdle.

In this guide, we explored several approaches to regulating the sound on your Vizio TV without a remote.


How do I get to Audio settings on my Vizio TV without the remote?

If you lack the TV remote, accessing the Audio settings can be a bit challenging. However, the majority of Vizio TVs come with a control panel located on the side or bottom of the TV itself.
You can navigate through the menu options using the buttons on it. Search for a “Menu” or “Settings” button and use the arrow buttons to visit the Audio settings.
Once you’ve reached the section needed, you can make adjustments to settings like volume, equalizer, and audio output.
As an alternative, you can request support for a replacement remote.

How do I manually increase the volume on my Vizio TV?

To manually raise the sound level on the Vizio TV without Vizio remote, you may employ the real buttons found on the TV itself. Search for the volume buttons on the control panel, usually labeled with “+” and “-” symbols or speaker icons.
Press the volume button “up” (+) to increase the volume or the volume button “down” (-) to decrease it. Each press of the button typically adjusts the volume by a small increment.
If you want a continuous change of the sound level, hold down the volume button until you reach the desired level.

Can you control Vizio TV without remote?

Yes, you can regulate the Vizio TV without remote. You may try a bunch of methods available.
You can use the TV’s power button, and then the volume button or voice control to regulate the sound or access the menu.
Another option is to use a smartphone or tablet as a remote by downloading and installing the Vizio SmartCast app. The application allows you to regulate the TV volume and other functions through your gadget.
Additionally, if your television and connected gadgets support HDMI-CEC, you may regulate the TV’s volume using the remote or controls of the HDMI-CEC-compatible device.
You may also employ cable box remotes or a universal remote if it is suitable for Vizio TVs, providing you with dedicated sound regulation capabilities.
Finally, you can ask for a replacement remote.

How to use an IR sensor to control Vizio TV?

To employ an IR sensor to access your TV’s functions, you require an external device with an IR emitter, and you must use a compatible application on your gadget to emit the IR signals and control the television.

Can I use an IR blaster to control Vizio TV?

Yes, you can employ an IR blaster to do that. An IR blaster is a device that emits infrared signals to control other devices, including TVs.
By connecting an IR blaster to your gadget and using a remote app, you can send IR commands to your Vizio TV and regulate its features.

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