Bridge the gap: how to connect Nintendo 64 to Smart TV

We’ll look at how to pair the cherished Nintendo 64 console to modern TVs in this piece.

Better picture quality is available when you attach your N64 to a Smart TV, whether you’re an avid player looking for a sentimental journey down the nostalgia road or a newer generation player fascinated by retro gaming.

how to connect nintendo 64 to smart tv

Required tools

You are going to require the following tools to properly link your N64 to a TV:

  • Nintendo 64 console

This is the centerpiece of your gaming setup.

You place the game cartridges and attach the required wires to the N64 system to make a connection with the TV.

  • Power video converter/RF adapter

The N64 console receives the required electrical power from the visual converter/RF adapter.

Check that you’ve got the appropriate RF adapter created especially for the N64.

  • Composite AV cable

The N64 console’s basic audio/video connection is a composite AV cable, sometimes referred to as an RCA composite cable.

Three plugs make up the composite AV cable: yellow for video, red for sound on the right, and white for sound on the left.

If you still possess the original composite cable, you may utilize it.

  • HDMI converter (as an alternative)

You may connect the N64 to the TV with an HDMI cable if your TV has an HDMI input.

Compared to an analog AV cable, this cable enables a digital connection, offering a greater multimedia experience.

With these necessary parts prepared, connecting your N64 console to your TV will go smoothly, providing good picture quality & no input lag.

connect nintendo 2

Connection possibilities

We are going to look at several connection possibilities and walk you through the installation procedure in the part that follows.

HDMI video converter

Employing an HDMI port to link your N64 to a Smart HD TV enables digital connectivity, which improves audio & video clarity.

The 64 model has the same square connector as the other versions.

Ensure that composite inputs are supported by your TV.

Here’s how to configure it:

  1. Make sure an HDMI port is accessible on your TV. Search for HDMI ports that are marked “HDMI IN” or similarly.
  2. Find your N64 console’s HDMI output port. It is a rectangular port that may be located at the console’s rear.
  3. One end of the HDMI cable should be connected to the N64 console’s HDMI output port.
  4. The opposite end of the HDMI cable should be connected to a TV’s HDMI input port that is open.
  5. Turn on both your TV and the N64 system.
  6. To choose the HDMI input to which you attached the N64, utilize the remote control for your Smart TV or the on-screen menu on the device. It is often done by picking the appropriate HDMI input by clicking the “Input” or “Source” options on the controller.
  7. The N64 interface should then appear on your TV. If otherwise, check to make certain the game system is turned on and that it has been connected correctly.
  8. For the optimal playing experience, change any required TV settings, such as the aspect ratio or display mode.
  9. Place an N64 game cartridge into the console, and you’re all set to begin playing with better picture quality plus no input lag!
connect nintendo 3

RCA/AV connection

A different feasible alternative is to use an RCA composite video port/AV cable to link your Nintendo consoles to a TV.

Analog audio & video can be sent using the N64 console’s included RCA/standard AV cable.

Here’s how to configure it:

  1. Find your Nintendo 64 console’s AV OUT port. It typically has a yellow (video) plug, red (audio right), & white (audio left) connectors.
  2. On the N64 console, attach the yellow component video cable to the yellow RCA jack.
  3. Attach the cord’s red and white ends to the console’s red and white audio ports, respectively.
  4. Recognize your TV’s AV input ports. Usually, their color coding corresponds to that of the RCA cable connections.
  5. The AV input ports on the TV that match the opposite end of the RCA/AV cable should be connected. Match the colors of the connectors to the colors of the ports (yellow to yellow, red to red, white to white).
  6. Turn on your modern TV and N64 console.
  7. To choose the AV input to which you attached the N64, use the remote control for the smart television or the on-screen navigation on the TV. This is typically done by picking the proper AV input by clicking the component “Input” or “Source” button on the remote.
  8. The N64 screen should immediately appear on your TV. If not, check to make certain the console is turned on and that it has been linked correctly.
  9. For the best playing experience, make any required adjustments to your modern TV’s aspect ratio or display mode.
  10. Once you’ve got the game cartridge inserted into the console, you may use the RCA/AV connection for gaming on your TV with greater picture quality & no input lag!
connect nintendo 4

Other connection possibilities

There are more ways to connect besides HDMI and RCA/AV connections, which can need supplementary converters or adaptors.

These techniques consist of:

  • Upscalers/converters

These gadgets transform the N64’s analog signals into a digital version that can be viewed on a contemporary Smart TV.

They frequently support HDMI output and could give better video quality.

  • S-video output

S-Video output is supported by the N64. Compared to RCA/AV, this video output offers a marginally superior video quality.

You would require an S-Video cable plus a modern TV that has an S-Video input to use S-Video output.

  • Retro gaming consoles

Some businesses sell contemporary consoles that output straight to HDMI or similar digital connectors which are suitable for Nintendo 64 cartridges.

These consoles frequently have extra functions and increased capacity.

Each alternate linking technique has advantages and disadvantages.

Better video quality is provided by converters and upscalers, however, they could need more hardware.

Although S-Video connections offer a minor improvement in video quality, not every modern TV may be compatible with them.

Retro game systems cost more but offer convenience and contemporary functionality.

When examining these alternative connection strategies to improve your N64 game play on a contemporary TV, take into account your particular setup, tastes, and spending capacity.

connect nintendo 5

Changing the TV’s defaults

When linking your N64, changing your TV’s parameters is essential to getting the best gaming experience.

Aspect ratio and display mode adjustments can dramatically improve the quality of your gaming.

Please remember that the specific methods may differ based on your TV model to access and modify these parameters on the television.

  1. To reach the settings menu on your TV, press the “Menu” or “Settings” button on the remote control.
  2. Use the arrow keys on the remote to cycle through the menu possibilities until you come to the “Picture” or “Display” preferences.
  3. Check in the photo settings for the “Aspect Ratio” or “Screen Ratio” choices. Choose an aspect ratio that is the same as the N64 games’ original 4:3 aspect ratio.
  4. Look for settings including “Game Mode” or “PC Mode” to turn on a display mode optimized for gaming. This setting can be activated to enhance gameplay efficiency and decrease component input lag.
  5. Before leaving the settings section, be certain to save or apply the changes.
connect nintendo 6


You can play a variety of games and enjoy the thrill of vintage titles on a modern screen by linking your N64 to a TV.


Get answers to common questions about connecting your N64 to a TV.

Can you connect N64 to Smart TV?

 You may use a Samsung Smart TV or other TV to connect your N64.

You can play N64 games on a modern TV (like a Samsung Smart TV or another model) via a variety of connection methods, including HDMI and RCA/AV cables.

Why won’t my Nintendo 64 work on my Smart TV?

There may be several causes for your N64’s failure to connect to your TV.

Following are some troubleshooting hints:

Verify that all wires are correctly attached to the TV and the N64 console.
Make sure your TV’s input source is set to the proper source by checking twice.
Ensure that the TV and N64 console are both turned on.
Since the N64 lacks a native HDMI output, you must have the appropriate HDMI adaptor or upscaler if using an HDMI connection.

Can you hook up a Nintendo to a Smart TV?

It is possible to hook up a Nintendo Switch to a TV (such as a Samsung Smart TV or another model).

You can link your Nintendo console to the TV by utilizing the proper cables, adaptors, or upscalers.

Does N64 to HDMI work?

It is feasible to convert an N64 to HDMI.

You are going to have to utilize an HDMI adaptor or upscaler because the N64 lacks original HDMI output.

These gadgets transform the N64’s analog signals into a digital version that can be plugged into an HDMI input on a modern Smart TV.

What is a specialist retro gaming scaler?

It is a gadget made to enhance the picture resolution of classic gaming consoles when they are connected to contemporary screens, such as Smart TVs.
It works with a CRT TV.

A CRT TV is preferred by certain retro gaming fans when utilizing older systems.

If you need to read about how to hook up a Nintendo 64 To A Smart TV, please read our article.

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