A comprehensive guide on how to get web browser on Vizio Smart TV

How to get web browser on Vizio Smart TV? Vizio Smart TVs, renowned American-made products in the realm of the large-screen TV market, boast a multitude of features, including direct internet accessibility through the Vizio TV browser.

This comprehensive manual provides a thorough walkthrough for Vizio Smart TV users who wish to navigate the web on their Smart TV screens. We’ll delve into existing options, ranging from using the TV’s integrated browser to incorporating external devices such as streaming tools. There will be a piece of useful information on American-manufactured Smart TV.

how to get web browser on vizio smart tv
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Exploring the realm of Vizio Smart TVs and their capacities

Celebrated for its sophisticated design, superior visual output, and intelligent functionalities, the producers of Vizio Smart TV provide an unparalleled experience. One of the remarkable attributes of the Vizio Smart TV is the ability to establish an effective internet connection. This is made possible by the operating system of TVs.

This has a function for an internet web browser.

Vizio TV presents customers with an array of options for internet access, spanning from wired connection to wireless connection, facilitating seamless web exploration.

Setting up an internet connection

Furthermore, you need to select your favorite internet browser. But before that, it is essential to confirm the Vizio Smart TV has a strong network connection. Follow these steps to ensure a seamless setup:

  • Use the Vizio TV remote control to navigate to the”Settings” section.
  • Go to DHCP settings on the TV to initiate a network connection (internet connection).
  • Further, it is needed to select either a wireless connection or a wired connection (through an ethernet cable). It will obligate you to follow prompts.
  • Input the Wi-Fi password if required.

The use of the internet browser on Vizio Smart TV

Generally, there is a pre-installed internet browser on Vizio Smart TV models.

That offer customers the exciting opportunity to explore the web directly on their TV screens.

Here are the steps of how to connect and use the built-in browser devices:

  • Please, use your Vizio TV remote controller and access to the SmartCast interface.
  • Navigate to the “Extras” or “Apps” segment to locate the desired app.
  • Launch the internet app of your choice.
  • Seamlessly navigate, input URLs, execute Google searches, and traverse distinct websites using the TV remote.
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Internet browsing: external devices

If you are a person who needs an internet browser with no support from an integrated browser or you are aiming to elevate your browsing experience, the integration of external devices is a promising avenue.

Google Chromecast: online projecting of the smartphone, PC cable unit, or tablet, Google Chromecast can assist here. Just connect a Chromecast to the HDMI port of the Vizio Smart TV.

This should improve the connection to your preferred internet browser due to a direct connection of the browser device with the HDMI port.

Streaming devices: different browser devices such as Apple TV and Roku provide the ability for internet surfing. First, you have to install web browser device on your streaming device and proceed next to turn on Vizio TV.

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Exploring the silk browser on Vizio Smart TV

Amazon Silk Browser can be installed on different devices, so it can be installed on certain Vizio Smart TV models, To leverage the internet browser on Vizio TV:

  • Go to the SmartCast interface.
  • Navigate to the “Extras” or “Apps” segment to locate the Browser.
  • Start the browser on Vizio and commence internet browsing endeavors.

Customizing browsing experience

While using the internet app on Vizio Smart TV, you have the liberty to customize distinct aspects of your browsing experience:

  • Adjust the browser settings according to your preferences.
  • Create bookmarks for swift access to favored websites.
  • Use the browser’s search function to unearth specific content and information.
  • Seamlessly navigate with the Vizio Smart TV remote controller or compatible input browser device.

Additional tips and considerations

Keep Vizio Smart TV software up-to-date to contact the latest features and enhancements.

In case you have problems when you connect internet, troubleshoot by examining DHCP settings or using an ethernet cable internet connection.

Be aware that menu options and settings may slightly vary across different Vizio Smart TV models. Consult the Vizio Smart TV user manual for model-specific guidance.

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There are some of the most popular questions on the topic of Vizio TVs web browsers.

Does Vizio Smart TV have Internet browser?

Current Vizio TV versions feature a built-in browser that facilitates direct web browsing on the TV screen. This capability eliminates the need for another additional browser device, allowing users to seamlessly access online content. Keep in mind that the availability of the best browser devices may vary based on the definite Vizio Smart TV model.

It’s recommended to refer to the user manual or the manufacturer’s website for information related to the Vizio Smart TV model.

How do I get Google on my Vizio Smart TV?

Vizio TV products do not come with a native Google Chrome browser app for direct installation. However, alternative methods exist to access Google services and conduct searches:

The browser in the TV

You can explore Google’s website and conduct searches by using the inherent Vizio TV’s internet browser found on numerous Vizio Smart TV sets.
To do this, use the TV’s remote control to open the internet browser, enter “google.com” into the address bar, and make use of Google’s search functionalities to conduct searches.

Vizio TV models that have the Amazon Browser pre-installed also exist. You can also use this internet browser on Vizio TV to get access to Google services.


If you have a smartphone, tаblet, or PC cable input with the Chrome browser installed, you can cast or mirror the screen to Vizio Smart TV using technologies like Chromecast or built-in streaming features.

It is necessary to use screen mirroring from a browser device that has a connection to the same wireless network as Vizio TV.

Online devices

Use a streaming device like a Google Chromecast or Roku with casting capabilities. You may use these tools to cast material from the Chrome browser on your mobile device to Vizio TV.

Vizio’s SmartCast program for smartphones and tablets might also provide access to certain Google services. Check the app to see if it offers any integration with Google.

Can I use my Smart TV as a web browser?

Indeed, there exist Smart TVs, including Vizio TV models, that can establish an internet connection. If you need to get a network connection by using nothing but integrated internet web browser software, you can use Vizio TV which is equipped with all of these internet browsers.

This functionality enables users to comfortably engage in activities like reading online content, conducting searches, and visiting websites while enjoying their leisure time in the living room.

Consider the following solutions to program Vizio TV as a full web browser:

Navigate to the Browser App

With the Vizio TV remote control, navigate to the Smart TV menu’s “Apps” section.

Launch the Web Browser

Select the Internet web browser app and launch it. This will open the browser on the TV screen.

Navigate and Interact

Once the browser on Vizio TV is open, the TV remote control can be used to navigate the web.

Enter URLs and Perform Searches

You can use the TV remote to enter website URLs in the browser’s address bar and press the “Enter” button.

Navigate Back and Forward

Most Smart TV browsers have navigation buttons that allow you to go back to the previous page or forward to a page you’ve visited.


Whether you’re brоwsing your favorite websites, conducting research, or streaming online content, the internet browser on Vizio TVs opens up new possibilities for entertainment and information.

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