Get your groove on – how to play SoundCloud on Alexa

The combination of Amazon Alexa plus the music streaming service SoundCloud offers music fans a plethora of fresh opportunities.

One could conveniently play their beloved SoundCloud songs, and collections, as well as check out fresh tune suggestions when they stream SoundCloud to Alexa devices.

how to play soundcloud on alexa

Perks of understanding how to play SoundCloud on Alexa

  • Practicality

Being able to play SoundCloud through Amazon Alexa minimizes the necessity to directly look for or pick songs on the device you’re using.

You may ask Alexa to stream SoundCloud material you want by using short spoken instructions, resulting in convenient and effortless audio experiences.

  • Adaptation to smart homes

The main center for managing different smart home appliances is Alexa.

You can effortlessly integrate audio content into your regular activities, make custom mixes for various scenarios, and customize the mood for events by combining SoundCloud with Alexa.

  • Find and support performers

The network of independent artists on SoundCloud is renowned for its diversity.

  • Personalization and customization

You may specify chosen categories of music, make custom schedules depending on your current state or likes and dislikes, and construct mixes using the SoundCloud and Alexa connection.

Alexa and SoundCloud integration

You can find instructions on how to link SoundCloud to Alexa in this part of the guide.

Step 1: Verify installation prerequisites and functionality

Verify that the gadgets are compatible and complete the configuration criteria earlier than you could stream music from SoundCloud to Alexa.

This is everything you require:

  • An Alexa-capable gadget

To pair Alexa gadget, make certain that you own an Alexa-enabled gadget, like an Amazon Echo device or a device that has an Alexa account, in pairing mode before pairing an Alexa device.

  • SoundCloud account

If you haven’t got one, register for a SoundCloud account using the SoundCloud App.

To link the SoundCloud App to Alexa, you’ll have to provide your login information.

Step 2: Download and set up the SoundCloud skill on Alexa

  • Activate the app

Open the Alexa application on a tablet or smartphone.

Download it in case you don’t already have it by downloading it from the app store on your smartphone.

  • Proceed to the Alexa Skill & Games section

In the bottom-right area of the Alexa app, select the “More” menu.

Go to the enlarged menu and choose Alexa “Skill & Games.”

  • Look up the SoundCloud skill

Look for “SoundCloud” in the search bar under Alexa Skill & Games.

Look for the SoundCloud-developed official skill.

  • Turn on the skill

Click on the skill when you’ve located it to view its details page.

To make the skill available to be used with your Alexa devices, tap the “Enable” button.

  • Observe the setup guidelines

You can follow the instructions in the Alexa app to set up the skill.

To finish the setup, simply adhere to the on-screen directions.

Step 3: Integrate Alexa with your SoundCloud account

  • Open the skill settings

Go to the Alexa “Skill & Games” area of the Alexa app.

To get to the Alexa skill options, find it and click on it.

  • Connect the SoundCloud account

You have the option of connecting your SoundCloud music account under the skill options.

You’ll be asked for your SoundCloud login information after choosing it.

  • Give permissions

You might be asked to give Alexa speaker access to your SoundCloud account after providing your SoundCloud login information.

To move forward, accept the permissions.

  • Successful account pairing

Following the successful completion of the connecting process, you should get a confirmation message from SoundCloud and Alexa.

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How to play SoundCloud on Alexa

The procedures that follow are going to teach you how to get the best results out of the ability to stream SoundCloud music on Alexa.

Step 1: Activate Alexa and configure the connection

Check that your Alexa or Echo device is active and linked to the network before you begin playing SoundCloud on the Alexa speaker.

By stating the wake word — which, according to your gadget’s configurations, might be “Alexa” or “Echo,” for example — Alexa is going to wake up.

Step 2: Using spoken orders to play music

You may use speech instructions to access certain SoundCloud songs, albums, and collections, and manage playback when Alexa is activated and prepared to hear you.

You may utilize the following Alexa voice commands to play SoundCloud music:

  • “Alexa, play SoundCloud [track/album/playlist title].”
  • Playback management (play, stop, skip, restart)
  • Changing the audio parameters and volume

Step 3: Exploring SoundCloud suggestions and mixes

According to your musical interests and patterns, Alexa may generate customized suggestions.

To discover SoundCloud’s recommendations, try the following instructions:

  • “Alexa, suggest a few songs from SoundCloud.”
  • “Alexa, play trendy tracks on SoundCloud.”
  • “Alexa, recommend a SoundCloud mix”

You can easily find new tunes and musicians on SoundCloud thanks to Alexa’s recommendations in response.

Step 4: Develop unique SoundCloud commands for Alexa

If you repeat a personalized phrase, you may program particular activities with Alexa routines.

You can program schedules that stream your preferred SoundCloud songs, collections, or records at particular intervals or in response to specified situations.

Below is how to make a SoundCloud routine that’s unique to you:

  1. Navigate to the Routines tab in the Alexa app.
  2. Set the trigger phrase for a new routine (such as “Alexa, start my SoundCloud mix“) and create the routine.
  3. Incorporate the command “Play SoundCloud [track/album/playlist title].”
  4. Add extra options, like the ability to change the loudness or switch on particular smart lighting.
  5. Save the routine, then use the trigger word to start it.

You may enjoy your preferred songs or mixes with straightforward speaking instructions by setting customized SoundCloud routines, which are easy and catered to your tastes.

You can utilize SoundCloud on Alexa to its fullest potential and play music on your Alexa device by following the instructions provided.

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Troubleshooting and tips

This section offers advice on how to improve the SoundCloud listening experience with an Alexa device, as well as some basic troubleshooting strategies to fix common issues when you play SoundCloud on Alexa.

Prevalent problems and solutions

Despite SoundCloud’s smooth integration with an Alexa device, you can run into some standard problems.

Following are some troubleshooting hints:

  • Faulty connections

Check the internet connection and make sure that the Alexa device is linked to the same network if Alexa fails to play music on SoundCloud.

If required, reconnect your Alexa device or router.

  • Skill re-activation

Try removing and re-enabling the skill via the Alexa app if you’re having problems with it.

It may help reset your connection and play SoundCloud on Alexa.

  • Relinking accounts

To play SoundCloud on Alexa after making adjustments to your SoundCloud profile, such as altering the password, you might have to reconnect your SoundCloud account.

Follow the steps outlined in Section II, Step 3 to link your account again.

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You can effectively play SoundCloud on Alexa by adhering to the instructions in this tutorial and using voice commands to navigate the huge SoundCloud audio catalog.


How to play SoundCloud on Alexa?

You should download and set up the skill within the Alexa app to use Alexa for streaming music from your SoundCloud profile.

When connected, you may request Alexa to turn on particular SoundCloud music, record, or mix while exploring suggestions using voice commands.

Can we Play SoundCloud via Bluetooth?

Absolutely, Alexa Bluetooth pairing is allowed. Check that the Bluetooth speaker is set to pairing mode before attempting to pair Bluetooth devices.

To accomplish this, verify that the Alexa device is connected to a Bluetooth speaker or other Bluetooth devices. In the Bluetooth settings, you are going to find the list of nearby devices. Choose the necessary device from the list of nearby devices.

When paired, you may ask Alexa to play SoundCloud music on your Bluetooth speaker, and the audio will start streaming via the associated Bluetooth device.

How do we connect Alexa to external speakers?

You can use a few different methods for linking Alexa to external speakers.

If the Alexa device includes an audio output connection built into it (such as an HDMI output or a 3.5 mm audio jack), you can utilize the proper cable or adaptor to connect it straight to the external speakers.

A lot of Alexa devices also offer wireless connections, so you can use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or the Alexa Skills Kit to link them to external speakers as an alternative.

What is an Alexa developer console?

The Alexa developer console works as a platform for developers to create, test, and distribute Alexa skills.

For Alexa, there is a Magic Jukebox skill that allows SoundCloud to be played.

Now, however, using the Magic Jukebox requires an Alexa developer account. To use this Magic Jukebox, you might require some prior development experience.

If you need to read about how to play SoundCloud on Amazon Alexa, please read our article.

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