Easy guidance on how to reset Hisense TV without remote

How to reset hisense tv without remote? Facing problems related to remote loss or breakage causes superfluous discomfort. Maybe the program is not giving pictures or sound, disconnecting from the internet, suddenly shutting down, or creating any other issue. We do not want your holiday to be spoiled by such technical difficulties.

If you decided to do a factory reset Hisense TV without a remote to fix it, this is not a real disaster as it may seem at first glance. This is a situation that you can easily handle. To continue using Hisense Smart TV and cope with faced problems, you should learn how to reset Hisense TV without a remote control.

Here we are going to teach you how easy to reset your TV model.

how to reset hisense tv without remote
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Remote control

The TV control panel is an integral and smart part of any TV model for a comfortable process of watching TV. The remote control gives you full control over it – volume, power, changing channels, and others. With the remote control, you don’t have to get up from the comfortable sofa or go to the TV once again to change the channel or change the volume when you are busy with something.

You can easily navigate through the functions and settings in the menu without difficulties.

Even if something goes wrong, the remote allows you to troubleshoot the source of the problem without worry through settings or other connections and options.

In addition, each device has its advantages that make the TV worth using and enjoying the activity. For example, improved features and a selection of great access to the apps you love to use every day.

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Reset your Hisense TV without a remote

The methods to reset your Hisense TV without a remote can differ. Choose the only one that would be the most suitable for your comfort, according to the situation.

Soft reset

A soft reset Hisense TV involves turning the TV off and on without deleting data or resetting any settings. Disconnect your Hisense TV from the power outlet. Wait a bit (you can just count 60 seconds in your mind – even 1 minute will be enough).

Then keep holding the reset button for at least a half minute. Then plug the power cord back into the socket and try to reboot the TV. After completing these steps, don’t forget to check the operation of your Hisense TV after a few minutes, as the program needs time to load successfully.

If the problem is not solved, unfortunately, you have to use a hard or factory reset.

Hard reset

As we have already said, if the soft method of resetting failed, you can try hard reset Hisense TV. It can be called a factory reset, too. This way removes all the data and settings.

This is a quick fix in case a necessary factory reset of your Hisense smart TV, even if the remote doesn’t work. Firstly, use the power button to make the Hisense Smart TV start working.

Look for a button labeled “Reset” on the back of the TV. Press it for a few seconds until the TV reboots (we recommend you count to 15-20 while pushing). Use some small and thin objects such as a needle or toothpick.

It is necessary because the button is very small.

This way allows you to reset the TV model to factory settings – force your Hisense TV restarts. The most likely unpleasant moment or error that can happen to a TV is a black screen. You see nothing or a blue loading circle at this point.

By the way, if you prefer to use Hisense Roku TV, this is the perfect way for the TV remote to hard reset Hisense TV settings and make your device preferences right. Moreover, this method is the most useful when your TV is flashing red, showing a black screen, or not responding.

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Reset process without reset button

Push the power button. Open the Support in Menu on the TV screen. In the lower corner of the screen, you can notice the self-diagnosis option.

Also, there is the option to reset your Hisense TV without a remote.

The option is called “Reset” – very obviously.

No matter which one of the Hisense TV models you would prefer, next, the program asks you to enter the security pin. It should be written “0000” without Hisense TV remote. Wait a moment while the process to reset your Hisense TV starts.

RemoteNow app

It’s great that we live in an age of advanced technology. Perhaps as a child, when you lost your TV remote, you dreamed that you could somehow track it or make it make a sound to understand where it had gone.

Now you cannot complicate your life and use digital control through a special app. You maybe have already heard about the existence of the app which allows controlling your Hisense TV with a smartphone.

Make sure you have an Ethernet cable connected to your Hisense TV. In the app, select your device from the list of all available ones. Further actions are obvious – open Hisense TV settings inside the app and select factory reset. Enter “0000”, if the app requests to enter the password.

Don’t worry if the program couldn’t update at once. You should wait a bit to give the program the opportunity to load everything and restart without any difficulty.

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General Hisense Smart TV control without remote

If you do not have the opportunity to use the remote, turn on the device with a special power button. The location of the physical power button is below the screen itself.

Also, in this place, you can find out buttons controlling the volume level. They can help you to manage your TV without a remote when you surf the menu settings.

You already know, the reset button is located in a conspicuous place.

They are all points that let using Hisense TV. As you probably already understood, everything is very simple. If you see some error on the screen or suddenly realize that something went wrong – you already know how to reset your Hisense TV without a remote by going thoroughly into this article.

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If you need any clarification, we would be happy to answer.

How do I manually reset my Hisense TV?

Open “Menu”. In the drop-down box on the TV screen, select “Support” and push “Enter”. In another way, hold the reset button, located on the back of the device.

Does Hisense TV have a reset button?

The Hisense TVs have a reset button, aimed to help you to reset your Hisense TV. However, there are some exceptions. So, we recommend you check the instruction of your Hisense TV if there is a reset button on the participle model.

How do I soft reset my Hisense TV without the remote?

In short, just reboot the system. Firstly, unplug Hisense Smart TV. Hold the reset button, and plug in the Hisense Smart TV again to watch how the TV restarts and if there are no default settings.

Where is the reset button on Hisense LED backlight TV?

Some people are searching for it in the same place on Hisense Smart TV as the power button. But it is wrong, it is on the back of the device.

The reset process can seem hard to get, but a toothpick or a needle – somehow a small, thin object near you, can help you with this difficult task. You will find the reset button on the back of a device of Hisense TV models. For example, Hisense Roku TV.

What problems can the reset button help with?

In most cases, people use this button for errors related to image transfer. Black screens, blank screens with no image, and flashing red lights are examples of such errors. Cases when you cannot turn on the TV or the picture accidentally freezes also belong to the types of errors that can be solved according to our recommendations.


In this article, we tried to show you how to reset Hisense TV without remote, which is officially considered an integral part of Hisense TV. On the other hand, the experience of Hisense TVs’ use showed that any user could enjoy Hisense Smart TVs without a remote.

If you have broken or lost the remote control, and you cannot enjoy watching TV due to some sudden technical issues, then you can reset the program without a remote control. The reset process is not difficult even without Hisense TV remote. Depending on the type of error your Hisense TV is experiencing, you can perform a program reset or factory reset.

Choose the most suitable reset method among soft reset, hard reset, and the help of the app with the function of the Hisense TVs remote. Even if the situation seems hopeless to you, try to re-read our article with a detailed description of the actions for this situation or call support.

We hope this article became very helpful for you, and it allowed you to learn how easy to reset your Hisense TV without a remote. Enjoy watching TV in the great company of friends and family and relax in comfort.

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