How to turn off Smartcast on Vizio TV: all the steps

Smatcast on Vizio TVs is a very useful feature. Indeed, it helps to watch movies on a big Vizio TV screen. Furthermore, it is great for consuming content you are really interested in because of the algorithms of customization.

how to turn off smartcast on vizio tv

Meanwhile, every internet connection means some threats related to your personal data leaks and spy activities.

If you want your private life to be kept secret, you have to know what threats Smartcast on Vizio TV entails and how to turn off Smartcast on Vizio TV to prevent information leakage.

Step one: turn off Smartcast on the Vizio TV

Vizio TV sets produced before 2012 have a particular function that automatically turns off the Smartcast. The important thing is to verify whether it works correctly or not (Vizio TV Smartcast has still been activated).

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The Vizio TV devices produced since 2012 don’t disable Smartcast on Vizio TV by themselves. You should do it manually. It is quite easy to perform.

StepOlder TV models (before 2012)Newer Vizio TV models (since 2012)
1Use the remote control. Click the main menu button there.Go to the remote control menu and press the Menu button.
2On the home screen, you will find the Settings option. Press it to proceed.Choose the Settings menu icon.
3On this menu, you will see the Smart interactivity option.Find the System button there and tap on it.
4Check if the Vizio Smartcast is deactivated. If it isn’t, turn off Smartcast.Select Reset & Admin
5Switch off the Viewing data function to turn off Smartcast.

You have already learned how to turn off Smartcast on Vizio TV. But there are still a couple of things to do. Keep reading to protect all your private data from too-curious companies and the people viewing data.

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Google Home application settings

Not only is it necessary to switch off Smartcast on Vizio TV. Google software also should be considered because it also tracks your activities for the sake of advertisement and offers you the most interesting and useful content. Meanwhile, comfort should be paid for. The thing is that it entails some threats if you don’t turn off Smartcast.

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If your privacy is more important to you than your comfort, it would be better to deactivate one feature in the Google Home app.

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Here is the path:

  1. First, go to the app.
  2. Then, select the TV list option
  3. At the third step, tap on the Vizio Smart TV button.

You will see the Settings option there. Tap on it and deactivate the crash reports option and the feature responsible for sharing your data with Google.

So, your safety is much higher now. But it still can be even higher if you use a VPN service.

VPN services

Ok, you have already deactivated the Vizio TV’s Smartcast and switched off the report sharing. The possibility of private information leakage still remains. Why is that?

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Third-party access is available because companies can detect your IP address to collect information about you such as your habits, interests, and so on. Why do they do it? The thing is that if they know who you are, it is easier to sell something they want to sell.

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Any collected information that is kept in storage can be stolen. No matter what advanced safety technologies any company uses to protect the private data of their clients.

If you are going to prevent any possibility of sensitive data leakage, use a VPN service.

How does it work?

The program hides your real IP address and shows a fake address instead. Of course, they can use tracking features to find out your activities, search preferences, etc, anyway. A VPN cannot disable tracking features, but it is much harder to track when it is switched on.

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You can use a trial version of a VPN to examine it. If you like a certain service, it is better to buy a full version for your privacy. Remember that free VPN services can share data with their business partners. There are no free things in the real world, aren’t there? If you don’t pay, you let them collect your data when you use smart TVs.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my VIZIO TV stuck on SmartCast?

There are two common reasons for the problem of Vizio Smartcast. The first one is a bad internet connection. Check it out. The other common reason is a problem with Smartcast on Vizio TV itself. The first thing you have to do is to update the software.

How do I get my VIZIO TV back to cable?

To do so, go to your Vizio TV main menu, first. Then, select System, find the Power on option, and select Input there. Finally, tap on Cable source input.

Is VIZIO Smart TV the same as SmartCast?

No, it isn’t, but they are similar. Both methods let you watch movies located on the internet. At the same time, there is a significant difference. Smart TV needs their own special software. Meanwhile, Vizio TV’s Smartcast lets you arrange a translation right from your smartphone or laptop.

Do I need to set up any additional Vizio internet apps?

There is no need to load other soft when you use Smartcast on Vizio TV. Vizio TVs Smartcast platform has already got all the tools.

Why the Internet services collect the data?

Any service collects data related to your activities because it wants to know what you like to watch, listen to, or buy. It helps to sell something you really need.


To protect your private data, you have to know how to turn off Smartcast on Vizio TV. It prevents sensitive information leakage. To do so, use the remote control. Go to the Settings option and turn off Smartcast special feature that allows the system to send reports and other information to data Google receives.

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To check out Vizio Smartcast TV on a Vizio TV released before 2012 (older Vizio TV models), use the Smart interactivity option. It should be deactivated automatically but it is better to make sure. If you have a new Vizio TV, disable Smartcast manually.

Cybersecurity is a complex issue. So, it would be better to make some changes in the Google Home app as well. Tap on the Main menu button and deactivate the Reports sharing option.

For the highest safety while the Vizio Smartcast app running, use a VPN you have paid for.

If you want your cable connection back instead of the Vizio TV Smartcast, use the Select System button.

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