How to uninstall apps on Vizio Smart TV: a simple approach

Vizio Smart TV is among the world’s leading Smart TV operating systems, it offers a range of features and functionalities to users. The ability to download and install apps that give access to a variety of information and services is one advantage of using SmartCast TV.

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Users sometimes wish to uninstall unwanted apps for several reasons. We’ll look more closely at how to remove apps from a Vizio SmartCast.

It’s necessary to be aware that the procedure varies on the type of your Vizio TV.

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Vizio Smart TV platforms

Vizio offers several platforms, some of the most used ones are:

Vizio Smartcast

The Vizio SmartCast platform is built into the company’s latest TVs and soundbars, allowing you to control your entertainment experience with ease. 2016 and 2017 were the only years that SmartCast didn’t come with factory-installed apps.

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Apps cannot be removed by one’s self on the SmartCast so the TV will do it naturally by itself, an alternative way to delete apps is when you restore the television to its factory settings.

This can easily be done in the restore option in the system tab, then click on the reset factory settings option to erase all the apps.

Vizio Internet Apps (VIA)

Vizio Internet App (VIA) enables you to view your preferred content right from your TV. Netflix, Disney Plus, Facebook, Prime video, and many other apps are accessible through Vizio internet app.

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Vizio Internet Apps Plus (VIA Plus)

Vizio internet app Plus (VIA Plus) is an upgraded version of the initial Vizio internet app which was released in 2012, offering a more advanced Smart TV experience, it makes viewing more fun and easier.

The most recent TVs made by Vizio come with the VIA Plus platform, which makes it simple for you to manage your entertainment.

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Why delete apps?

Applications on Vizio Smart TV may be deleted for several reasons, like freeing up space, removing clutter from the home screen, and protecting privacy.

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How to delete apps on Vizio Smart TV

To delete apps on Vizio Smart TV, the first thing to do is to open the launcher. This can be executed by pressing the button on your remote control, the button is labeled “V”.

A menu will pop up, this menu contains several options, you can find the App menu option by navigating using the arrow keys or the yellow button on your remote control and select OK.

When this is done, all the installed apps on the Smart TV will be displayed on the applications tab.

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Using the arrow keys on your remote, select the desired app you wish to uninstall and use the “OK” button to select it.

This will bring up a submenu with several options, including “Move,” “Delete,” and “Lock/Unlock.”

After selecting the application you want to delete, a submenu will be displayed on the screen. This submenu contains options like “Move,” “Delete,” and “Lock/Unlock.”

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Go to the delete option and click on it.

A message will appear on the screen, asking you for confirmation of the deletion. Select “Yes” to the confirmation request and erase the app from your Vizio Smart TV.

If any of the deleted apps are on the apps tab when you have uninstalled the app manually, click on it and click uninstall or the delete button.

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How to delete apps on Vizio Internet Application (VIA)

Deleting apps with the Vizio internet application is a very simple process, you need to access the Vizio home screen, to do this, use the button labeled “V” on your TV remote and select the app option or simply hit the smart hub button.

Then go to the app that you wish to remove by using the arrow keys that are on your remote.

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When you have selected the app icon, hold the OK key on your remote for a like ten seconds until a small menu shows on the screen.

There will be various choices on the little menu that displays on the screen, including “Delete App.

Using the arrow keys on the remote, choose “Delete” or use the yellow button to select it and choose Confirm.

Deleting apps on Vizio Internet Application Plus

Even though the Vizio Internet applications plus user interface differs somewhat from that of VIA, uninstalling apps is also straightforward.

First, you go to the launcher by pressing the “V”, after the app list has been displayed.

Using the arrows on your remote, go to the one you wish to delete on the Launcher and select the app.

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Using the arrow buttons on your remote control, click on the delete button from the list of options on the apps menu and click on the “OK” button on the confirmation tab.

Once you’ve chosen “Delete,” a confirmation message will be displayed.

This is a very simple way to delete apps on Vizio internet applications plus. For more information on how to uninstall apps on Vizio Smart TV, please, click on the link.

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Where is the V button on my Vizio remote?

The V button can be accessed on the Vizio remote by pressing the home button twice.

Can you remove apps from SmartCast?

No, apps cannot be removed from SmartCast, but they can be rearranged in a way that apps not used frequently will be at the back of the navigation menu.

Why can’t I delete apps on Vizio TV?

If you are not able to delete or uninstall apps on Vizio Smart TV with the instructions for deleting apps above, they are probably inbuilt.


On Vizio Smart TVs, uninstalling apps is a simple procedure that can be carried out with the help of the instructions above. It’s crucial to remember that some programs come pre-installed and cannot be removed.

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