How to use Alexa without WiFi: an easy guide

The Echo Alexa device is a convenient way of listening to music, finding the latest news, and being in touch with the world in general. Alexa devices are a miracle we don’t want to let go of.

But what if, say, you’re in a condition where you don’t have a WiFi connection? The reason doesn’t matter: you may have forgotten to pay for your WiFi, your router is wrecked, or you and your echo speakers are in the middle of Space.

Don’t worry, as in this article you’ll learn how you can use Alexa without WiFi!

how to use alexa without wifi

Can you really use Alexa with no WiFi?

Although the Alexa device is quite technological, it still supports types of connections that were introduced to us more than a decade ago, like Bluetooth.

Even without a WiFi connection, Alexa retains its basic functions. You won’t have an ultimate assistant answering every voice command with you anymore, but Alexa will still play music.

You can always use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker even without WiFi.

Most people use Alexa to listen to music anyways.

But there’s one but. When you’re setting up your echo device (Alexa) for the first time, you must connect the speaker to WiFi. After you set everything up, you can use the echo dot as a regular Bluetooth speaker, as many times as you want. 

use Alexa without WiFi 2

A guide to using Alexa without WiFi

Now it’s time for the guide itself. Always remember, the Bluetooth connection is only a temporary measure. Much more than one voice command becomes inaccessible for your echo dot in this case.

But for the time of need, let’s see how we use Alexa as a Bluetooth device.

use Alexa without WiFi 3

The 1st step: setting up Alexa app on your mobile phone

We’ll start from the very beginning. Firstly you should download Alexa on your phone:

  1. Create Hotspot and enable it. For an Android phone, toggle ON your Portable Hotspot. For Apple iPhone, go to Personal Hotspot.
  2. Install the Amazon Alexa app. It’s the most convenient way. You can set everything without the app, but it’s slower.
  3. Sign in to Alexa. Log into your Amazon account or create one.
  4. Add your device. Go to Devices on the Amazon Alexa app, then click on “Add device“, then to Amazon Echo. Press “Yes” when the app asks if your Echo Dot displays orange light, and the app will find your device automatically. Choose your WiFi, select Use this device as a WiFi hotspot, and press “Start”.

Now you officially installed Alexa on your phone! Now how can you use your Echo Dot, Alexa, as a Bluetooth speaker?

use Alexa without WiFi 4

The 2nd step: pairing Alexa with Bluetooth

Now everything is installed. Time to pair your phone and the Amazon Echo device.

  1. Go to Bluetooth settings located on your mobile device. Select Bluetooth to turn it on, and say loud and clear: “Alexa, connect to Bluetooth”.
  2. Connect Alexa to your phone. Alexa should initiate pairing mode and find the device automatically. Press “pair”. Next time you can just say: “Alexa, connect to my phone”, and the pairing will be done automatically.
  3. Use Bluetooth to connect Alexa to Amazon Echo Device. Scroll through the list of available Bluetooth devices, and select your Echo device that will pop up on the list.

Now Alexa should play whatever music you like, just like any other Echo speaker.

You can listen to the tracks already downloaded on your device, or turn on Mobile Internet to access online libraries.

You’re using a Bluetooth Speaker without WiFi. Congratulations!

use Alexa without WiFi 5

Alexa Functions which won’t work without WiFi

You met your goal, but just in case be wary of things you can’t do when using a Bluetooth speaker without WiFi:

  • Purchasing on Amazon
  • Setting tasks
  • Showing news
  • Summoning a ride
  • Ordering dinner
  • Finding recipes
  • Enabling music streaming services
  • Checking the weather, and so much more…

As you can see, most voice commands simply don’t work.

You should link Alexa to some sort of internet connection.

Otherwise, Alexa devices won’t work to their fullest.

use Alexa without WiFi 6

Why does Alexa work only with the Internet?

Alexa Echo device is not designed to work without the internet, because your requests are not handled locally on the device itself but are done in the CLOUD. 

There’s only one function that works on the Echo Dot even after temporarily losing the Internet.

use Alexa without WiFi 7

Alexa Alarm works without WiFi

There is one feature that will work even if the echo dot temporarily loses Internet access. These are the Alarms.

If you were to set an alarm and after setting it the echo dot loses Internet, the alarm will go off at the set time.

Even as a Bluetooth speaker without WiFi, Amazon Alexa still provides the following functions:

  • Making a schedule of reminders
  • Using the Echo Connect service
  • Controlling Smart devices
  • Adjusting the gadget’s volume
use Alexa without WiFi 8

Echo Dot used as a wired speaker

The wireless network is very popular today, but sometimes you just have to return to the classics. Many echo dots possess AUX connections (typical headphone jacks). AUX cables are known for better sound quality.

Another plus is that you pay no attention to sometimes complicated Bluetooth settings.

You just plug the cables in and that’s it.

Unfortunately, not all echo devices support cable connection. A regular Alexa Echo device is a pure speaker, with no cables to attach to the paired devices.

To make it easier for you, AUX ports are available for the following Amazon Echo devices:

  • Amazon Echo Third Gen
  • Amazon Echo Fourth Gen
  • Amazon Echo Studio
  • Amazon Echo Show 8 1st Gen (output only)
  • Amazon Echo Plus 1st Gen (output only)
  • Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Gen
use Alexa without WiFi 9


Echo devices can be quite tricky at first, so it’s expected for some questions to rise. Let’s tackle the questions.

Can you use Alexa just as a Bluetooth speaker?

Absolutely, you can use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker! Just follow the instructions proposed above. Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker serves a good enough purpose.

Just remember, that the Echo Alexa device can do much more than a Bluetooth speaker without WiFi.

Can Alexa work on mobile data?

Unless your cell operator blocks using the hotspot, then the mobile hotspot is just like any other private (home) WiFi.

You will need WiFi during the first setup mode for Alexa. While you are configuring the Alexa device, it provides its own ‘set-up’ WiFi network that the device configuring Alexa has to be connected to. Once set up, the WiFi connection is no longer required.

Can you use Alexa with mobile hotspot?

Yes, as discussed above, as long as a basic internet connection is provided, Amazon Echo speakers will be able to play music. Mobile data is pretty much equal to WiFi in quality and range of functions an Amazon Echo.

Play music and enjoy!

Now you can use Alexa in many ways without an active WiFi connection. Bluetooth connectivity is simple and stable. A Bluetooth speaker without WiFi is a real possibility.

If you need to read about how to use Alexa without Wi-Fi, please read our article.

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