Troubleshooting Guide: Why Roku TV Red Light Blinking Twice?

Roku TV’s red light blinks twice because it indicates that the device is facing connectivity issues or lacks power. However, it can also happen because of too much cache, outdated software or a faulty device. These are the troubleshooting steps:

  • Check the connection 
  • Check the internet or modem connection
  • Clear all the cache
  • Reset the TV
  • Factory reset the device

The problem may still persist. So, then contact customer support other technical support.

This article breaks down the reasons why Roku TV red light blinking twice. So, stick with it to learn how to fix these problems. 

Key Takeaways 

  • A blinking red light on a Roku TV indicates disconnectivity, a power issue, or outdated software. 
  • To troubleshoot the issue, try unplugging and replugging the device. Also try to clear the cache, update software, or factory reset the device. 
  • If the problem still persists, you can contact customer support for assistance. 

Why is The Roku TV Red Light Blinking Twice?

Roku TV’s red light blinking twice means the device is connected to an incorrect network or lacks power. However, there are other reasons why the Roku TV red light is blinking twice:

  • Problem with network connection 
  • Filled with cached 
  • Outdated software
  • Faulty router or modem 
  • The regional outage of the network provider

Troubleshooting Roku TV Red Light Blinking Twice:

Here are steps to follow after you have identified the cause:

Disconnect and reconnect the device:

Connectivity with the main power line is one of the leading causes of red light blinking twice. This can be easily fixed by unplugging the device and then replugging it. This method is also effective even when your Amazon Prime channels are not showing up

This process includes a complete reset of the device and it will remove the set password. So, you have to set a new password. 

Here are ways you can disconnect Roku TV:

  • Firstly, identify all the streaming devices connected to the TV.
  • Then select the Roku gadget. Log out of Roku TV. 
  • Press on disconnect. 
  • Reconnect after waiting for some time.

Learn unlinking Roku device

Check And Fix The Network Connection:

If the red light in Roku TV blinks twice it also indicates problems with the internet connection. You can fix the problem with these steps:

  • Enter the TV’s settings using the device’s remote control. 
  • Press on ‘Network’ and then select ‘About’
  • Check on the network status to see if the internet is connected and if it is at full strength.
Network Connection
Source: TVs Book
  • Then move on to ‘Check Connection’
  • Roku TV will check on your network and view the outcome. 

Restart The Router:

If you see that you have a weak network connection or no network, reboot your router or modem. Here are the ways to reset WiFi:

  • Unplug the router or disconnect the modem. 
  • Wait for about 1 minute.
  • Reinsert the plug of the WiFi or the modem.
  • Wait for around 2 minutes to then restart your router.
  • Now examine if the problem is solved. 

Restart Your Roku TV:

If restarting the WiFi or modem doesn’t work, try restarting the TV altogether. Here are ways to restart the TV:

  • Unplug your TV from its power outlet. 
  • Keep the power button pressed for at least 30 seconds. 
  • Wait for around 1 minute before plugging in the TV to the power source. 
  • Examine if the red light is still blinking by switching on the TV.

Another way of restarting the TV is from the settings menu:

  • Click the Home button on the remote of the TV 
  • Select the Settings menu.
  • Choose System from the menu 
  • Navigate to the Power menu
  • Choose System Restart and then press Restart.
Power menu
Source: TVs Book

Clear Device Cache:

If Roku TV is still blinking a red light, try clearing the cache. Follow these steps to remove the cache from the TV:

  • Click on the Home button on the remote to go to Home.
  • Tap on the Home button on the remote 5 times.
  • Click the Up arrow button 1 time on the remote.
  • Double-click on the Rewind button, then double-click the Fast Forward.
Rewind button
Source: TVs Book

These steps will restart your Roku TV and clear all the cache. 

Factory Reset TV:

If all other options have failed to resolve the red light blinking, factory reset the device. Here are the ways to activate the factory reset option:

  • Tap on the Home button on the device remote.
  • Choose the Settings menu.
  • Then choose the System menu.
  • Here, choose Advanced System Settings, and you will find the Factory Reset option. Choose the option to activate it.
Advanced System Settings
Source: TVs Book

These troubleshooting steps will be able to resolve the red light blinking. However, if it still doesn’t resolve, I would recommend you consult customer support for further queries and fix them. 

Why Is Roku TV Blinking Red Light? 

Red light blinking on Roku TV means that it has some power issue. If you have a surge protector or a power strip for connecting devices, this can happen. Using these will form a barrier between the TV and the socket. As a result, the TV cannot draw the power that it requires for function. 

To fix this problem, follow these steps: 

  • Take out the protector or any other barrier.
  • Plug it directly into the wall socket. 
  • If your Roku TV is powered by USB, then use a high in power USB port. 

Why Other Colors Of Roku TV Lights Are Blinking? 

Roku TV has other different light options. Here is a brief on what other lights mean and how to fix them: 

Color Gadget Reason Troubleshooting
Blue Device Refers to the cable connectivity issue. The cables might have been damaged for frequent or long-time use.Investigate if the cables if they are connected property or if they are damaged. Replace the damaged cables or wires.
White Device Refers to WiFi connectivity. The network is either slow in speed or is disturbed.Reboot and then reconnect with the WiFi.Decide on a more stable channel like 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. 
Yellow Remote Refers to the remote not being able to connect to the device.Disconnect the remote then reconnect it to the internet.Go to remote settings. Configure the display type Then manually type the brand name and then confirm. Tap on OK to confirm the process. 
Green Remote Refers to a damaged remote or worn-out battery. If the batteries are damaged, replace them. Let the remote rest for a few minutes if it starts to heat upRemove the batteries to reset the remote. Wait for 5 minutes and then reconnect them again.

Other Brands Roku TV’s Red Light Blinking Twice

Why Is Hisense Roku TV’s Red Light Blinking Twice?

Hisense Roku TV red light blinks twice when the device can’t connect to the network or the router. It also means that the TV is facing technical issues. The red light blinks twice to alert users of a connectivity failure. 

However, this problem can be caused by other reasons too. Such as a problem with the main board, timing control board, outdated wiring, or power supply. To fix this, follow the steps:

  • Check on the connection or the network
  • Clear all the cache
  • Update outdated software
  • Disconnect and reconnect the router or modem 

If the problem still persists, notify customer service and consult on how to fix them. 

Product NameFeature
Hisense Roku TV 4K Ultra HDSmart TV Alexa compatibility 

Why Is The ONN Roku TV Red Light Blinking Twice? 

ONN Roku TV’s red light blinking indicates a problem connecting to the internet or difficulty in the power supply. To fix this you can:

  • Ensure that your ONN TV is getting the correct power supply. 
  • Identify any signs of damage in power cables like tears, frays, cuts or breaks. 
  • Ensure that HDMI is connected strongly. 
  • Ensure that the remote’s battery is fine. 
  • Verify the main board for any signs of damage.
  • Examine if the internet connection is working fine. Tap on the ‘Cog’ sign of the renote.  Move on to ‘Network’ and then to ‘About’. Here you can confirm proper ot enough internet connection.

Consult and call customer support if the problem is still not resolved. 

Product NameFeature 
ONN Roku TV4K Ultra HDSmart LED TV 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why Is My Hisense Roku TV Blinking Just Red Light?

Hisense Roku TV blinking just a red light means that the problem is with the hardware or the software. To fix this, you can try the factory reset on your TV. However, if the problem still persists, consult Hisense customer support. 

How Do I Force Restart My Roku TV Remote? 

To force restart your remote, remove the batteries from the remote and then disconnect the device. Wait for some time before reconnecting it. Place the batteries and then click on the reset button. 

What Should The Color On The Roku TV Be? 

On the Roku TV, the color should be white or off. However, the color shouldn’t be blinking but rather flashing while changing channels. If your Roku TV blinks any color of light, it means that the device is facing some problems. 

Closing Words

If your Roku TV’s red light is blinking twice it means that it has some connectivity issues. However, there can be other problems like a faulty router, a device full of cache, or outdated software. Identify the problem and fix it accordingly.

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